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  1. Children's Surf Ugg Boots

    Children – Surf Ugg Boots

    Boots just like Mum And Dad's.

    Regular Price: $105.00

    Special Price: $65.00

  2. Children's Ugg Boots

    Children – Ugg Boots

    Feel the soft fleece around the ankles.

    Regular Price: $95.00

    Special Price: $55.00

  3. Baby Ugg Boots

    Baby – Booties

    Keep those little feet warm and comfy.

    Regular Price: $49.00

    Special Price: $29.00


3 Item(s)

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Winter is coming, and with it a need to cover up against the harsh cold of coastal and inland Australia. With a reputation that stretches far back to the cattle stations of colonial history, ugg boots have provided warmth for Australian families for generations.

In the winter months, little feet are susceptible to the cold, especially for a harsh winter the Kids haven’t experienced before. That’s where we come in, UggsAvenue offers kids uggs that are shipped straight to your door within days to protect those little feet and keep them warm and snug.

Buy online genuine Childrens ugg boots and make the children happy, they will love you for that.